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Fast and Affordable Computer Repair in Lansing, MI

We specialize in desktop and laptop repair, as well as certain phone repairs. Bring in your device for free diagnostics and a quote, we’ll even buy your old or broken devices.
All parts and computers warrantied for 90 days.

Hardware services include installation, replacement, upgrade and troubleshooting of the following components: Hard drive (including data transfer), Memory (RAM), Graphics cards, Power supply, Motherboard.

Software services include system tune up and cleanup, adware, malware, and virus removal, and Windows re-installation or upgrade.

Stellar Laptop Repair

We can replace any laptop parts such as the screen, keyboard, charger and other ports. We can also upgrade components such as the memory or hard drive, stop in for a free quote.

A Full Cleaning involves

Full disassembly of device to remove all dust and other debris, as well as reapply thermal compound.

A Maintenance Cleaning involves

Disassembly of the device to remove dust, however, is not invasive so thermal compound will generally not be changed.

Fast and Affordable Computer Repair

Computer running slow or not booting, or infected with malware? Need a hardware upgrade to run the latest games or to add more hard disk space? Bring your computer in for free diagnostics and a quote.

Refurbished Windows 10 and Linux Computers. Starting at $65

Gaming PCs starting at $400

Stellar Repair Quality and Service

Common Repair Costs

As of May 2020, subject to change.
Service Desktop Laptop
Screen replacement - $100+
Battery replacement - $40+
Port replacement $60+
Port replacement (soldering needed) $100
Hard drive installation $20
Laptop keyboard replacement - $40-$100
Laptop hinge repair - $75
Full cleaning, thermal paste replacement $50
Fan repair / Replacment $20-$40 $50+
Windows Install / Upgrade $80
Linux Install / Upgrade $60
Operating System Clone $100
File Trasfer $25
Data Recovery Up to 1TB for $75
Each addtl TB $25
Virus and malware removal $50
Password removal $40
Ram Installation $10
Graphics Card Installation $10 -
Power Supply Replacment $45+ $25+
CPU installation/removal $25 $50
Motherboard installation/removal $100 -
Board level repair $100
Case change (move all components to new case) $50

Full Cleaning

- Desktops

- Laptops

- PlayStation 3/4

- Xbox One

Great option if experiencing overheating or the device has been in dusty environments


Maintenance Cleaning

- Desktops

Great option if you're looking to prolong your device's lifespan


Computer Cleaning

Computer or laptop full of dust and over heating? We can fully clean it out, including replacing thermal paste.

Other Electronics Repair

We fix electronic devices including video game consoles, TVs, monitors, and more, stop in our store for a free estimate.

Common repairs and their general price are listed bellow

Game Console HDMI Replacement

Common issue with PS4


Phone Repair

Broken screen or bad battery? We service all iPhone models and most Android phones. We specialize in replacing iPhone screens and batteries, below are our prices for common repairs. We fix Android phones too, contact us for a quote.
High quality battery
Voids water resistance
90 day battery warranty

Battery Replacement

- iPhone 5C 5S
- iPhone SE
- iPhone 6 6+ 6S 6S+
- iPhone 7 7+ 

Premium quality screen
90 day screen guarantee

Screen Replacement

- iPhone 5C 5S
- iPhone SE

Premium quality screen
Voids water resistance
90 day screen guarantee

Screen Replacement

- iPhone 6 6+ 6S 6S+
- iPhone 7 7+ 
- iPhone 8

90-day warranty on parts

Other Repairs

-Other Phones

Half Hour+parts
Starting at $65 Entertainment PC

Perfect for web browsing, office work, playing HD video, and light gaming. Will typically include a Dual Core CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 250GB Hard Drive.

Starting at $200
Performance Desktop

Excellent for getting any job done including multimedia / video editing, office work and streaming video. Will typically include a Quad Core CPU, 8GB RAM, and a 240GB Solid State Drive.
Starting at $600
Professional and Gaming

Great for low to mid range gaming for this price.
Tablet PCs $100
Need a cheap device for web browsing or light office work? We got you covered, for this price you will typically get 2GB ram and a 160GB Hard Drive.
Starting at $150
Performance Laptop

Great for web browsing, watching HD video, basic gaming, and getting that homework or office work done. Will typically include a Dual Core CPU, 4GB RAM, and a Solid State Drive for unbeatable performance at this price.
Starting at $300
Professional Laptop

A premium performing laptop with the power of a desktop computer on the go. Don't buy new when we have lightly used for a fraction of the price. Includes 8GB ram and a 480GB Solid State Drive.
We are experienced in both Linux and Windows Server; We offer on-site support and computer repairs.

House calls anywhere within Lansing for a flat rate of $65 for the first hour, then $50 for each additional hour.

Business IT Services & Support

Why Stellar Computer Repair?

Our mission is to provide you with a better repair experience at honest prices.