Stellar Computer Repair

Refurbished Laptop and Desktop computers starting at $80

Gaming PCs starting at $400

We buy your old or broken computers

Fast and Affordable Computer Repair in Lansing, MI

We specialize in desktop and laptop repair, and certain phone repair. Bring in your device for free diagnostics. We buy old or broken computers and sell used computers starting at $80. House calls anywhere within Lansing for a flat rate of $15. All parts and computers warrantied for 60 days.

Hardware services include installation, replacement, upgrade and troubleshooting of the following components: Hard drive (including data transfer), Memory (RAM), Graphics cards, Power supply, Motherboard. All parts sold by us include a 60 day warranty.

Software services include system tune up and cleanup, adware, malware, and virus removal, and Windows re-installation or upgrade. For these services we charge $50 per hour.

Stellar Laptop Repair

We can replace any laptop parts such as the screen, keyboard, charger and other ports.

Laptop screen replacement starting at $90.

Laptop keyboard replacement starting at $40.

Other repairs $50 per hour + parts.

We can also upgrade components such as the memory or hard drive, stop in for a free quote.

Typical repair costs

As of December 2018, subject to change.
Desktop Laptop Phone & Tablet
Screen replacement - $90+ Phone screen replacement prices
Battery replacement - $50+ Phone battery replacement prices
Port, capacitor, soldered part replacement $50+
Hard drive replacement Free with purchase of hard drive, plus $50 for Operating System installation or disk cloning, additional $25 for manual data transfer. -
Laptop keyboard replacement - $40+ -
Laptop hinge repair - $25+ -
Full cleaning, thermal paste replacement $25 -
Windows/OS installation $50 -
Virus and malware removal $25 to $50, depending on time expended. If malware is not removed after one hour ($50) of cleaning attempts, we can re-install your OS at no additional charge, additional $25 if you have data to backup and restore after re-installation.
*Prices are approximate, bring in your device for a free estimate.

Computer Cleaning

Computer or laptop full of dust and over heating? We can fully clean it out, including replacing thermal paste.

Full computer cleaning: $25