Stellar Computer Repair

Refurbished Laptop and Desktop Computers

Below is an example of approximately how much we would sell a computer with similar specifications for. Call us to confirm what we have in stock.

$100 Dell Computer

$100 Entertainment PC

For $100 we offer a fully refurbished desktop perfect for web browsing, office work, playing HD video, and light gaming. Will typically include a Dual Core CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 250GB Hard Drive.

$250 Performance Desktop

Our performance desktops are excellent for getting any job done quickly including multimedia and video editing, office work, basic gaming, and streaming video. Will typically include a Quad Core CPU, 8GB ram, and a 240GB Solid State Drive for this price.

$600+ Gaming PC

Need a powerful yet affordable PC for serious gaming or video editing? Look no further, ours include a high end CPU, 16GB ram, and a large 480GB Solid State Drive.

Dell laptop

$60 Netbooks

Need a cheap device for web browsing or light office work? We got you covered, for this price you will typically get 2GB ram and a 160GB Hard Drive.

fast laptop

$150 Laptop

A great choice for you or the kids, for around $150 you will get a great laptop for web browsing, watching HD video, basic gaming, and getting that homework or office work done. Will typically include a Dual Core CPU, 4GB ram, and a Solid State Drive for unbeatable performance at this price.

$300 Performance Laptop

A premium performing laptop with the power of a desktop computer on the go. Don't buy new when we have lightly used for a fraction of the price. Includes 8GB ram and a 480GB Solid State Drive.

Too many choices?

Give us a call or stop in, no appointment needed- we will help you find the perfect device for you. You can’t go wrong with our 60-day warranty and exchange policy.